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France is a diverse and beautiful country...its also really big!

When we were looking at making the move, we narrowed down an approximate area (which happened to be the Charante Maritime) and then focused our property search there.  However, even within this initial search limit, there are LOTS of properties available - all of which may have their pros and cons...its a tough thing to do - to find THE property that will be the starting point for your new life in a new country!

Following on from this experience we understand the enormity of the property finding task.  As such, we offer prosepctive buyers a property viewing service.  This can include visits to a selection of properties that you would like to 'see' in more detail than can be offered by estate agents details - but doesnt involve the expense and time to physically come to France - yet!  Let us cast a professional eye over the property, looking for potential issues as well as straight up potential...this isnt a survey as such, but an educated review of whats on offer.  We can provide 360 degree photos, basic floorplans and a location map to help you get a fuller picture of the property and understand where it sits in relation to neighbours, power lines, railways etc etc.

With this information you are then free to make your own shortlist and come to see the best of the best in person.  We can take you and accompany you on this viewing if you wish - and can in fact offer accommodation for your visit!

Prices for this service start at 95€ and we generally work within a 2 hour drive radius (approximately!) of Melle - as roughly indicated on the map.  This will take in the whole of the Poitou Charente (Deux-Sevres, Vienne, Charente & Charente-Maritime), the north of the Dordogne, The Haute-Vienne and the Vendee regions.


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